Your Treatment Options for Termites: An Interview with David Day of Cayce Exterminating

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David Day, owner of Cayce Exterminating, was recently featured on discussing treatment options for termites. You'll find the full article in the link below. Check out my interview, Your Treatment Options For Termites on South Carolina Homes For Sale, one of the top sites for South Carolina homes for sale, including Anderson, SC homes

How to Avoid Bed Bugs When Traveling

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When you go on vacation, the last thing you want to bring back as a souvenir is a bed bug infestation. However, that’s exactly what many travelers have been experiencing over the last couple of years. Public awareness of bedbug problems cannot help but increase, thanks to the increase of news reports of innocent travelers

The How To’s of Rodent Removal and Prevention

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There’s a reason why elephants are afraid of mice. The Centers for Disease Control has identified over 35 diseases spread by rodents, including some of the most deadly forms of Hepatitis, Salmonella poisoning, Meningitis, and multiple viruses. It’s clear that the only way to stop these illnesses from spreading is by eliminating the pests that

Protecting Your Home From Termite Damage

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In the Southeastern USA, termite damage has been cited as the number one destroyer of homes and other building structures more than fires, floods and hurricanes. Termites can easily make a meal of any wooden structure, causing it to become unsafe quickly. Many homeowners don’t realize their property has suffered termite damage until it has

Termite Control – What You Need To Know

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Termites are a group of insect that mostly feed on dead plant material and live in colonies that range from several hundred to several million. While they are essential to our ecosystem, in the United States they pose a severe threat to the structure of your home. If left untreated, termites can silently damage your