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home pest control columbia sc

pest control columbia sc

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NOBODY likes bugs! Except ENTOMOLOGIST, if your favorite bug is a dead one, click here!

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Cayce Exterminating Company also offers the following services to protect your home or business:

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Termite Damage

The scariest part is that most homeowners don’t even realize that they have a termite problem until there is substantial and costly damage done to their home.

Termite Remediation

termites are silent destroyers thanks to their ability to slowly chew through wood, flooring, joists and even wallpaper before you even take notice.

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Over 50 years of service to the Columbia area | Two year warranty on workmanship | Licensed General Contractor | Fully insured and licensed | Locally owned and family operated

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Cayce Exterminating is a full service, insured and licensed pest control company. We provide commercial and home pest control services.

What our customers say…

We moved here from the west coast and were not used to flying cockroaches aka “Palmetto bugs”! We live on Lake Murray so we expected a few bugs but not cockroaches, ants, termites, earwigs, fleas, so after we closed on the house we had Cayce Exterminating treat the house and the yard to kill any other creepy crawly creature! Our new home on the lake is perfect and clean now. THX!!!

Paul Crowell

We’ve had Cayce Exterminating Company for almost 3 years now, and we couldn’t be happier for our pest control. The initial indoor/outdoor treatment with the quarterly outdoor treatments has done wonderful. Cayce Exterminating has been an honest and most reliable exterminator in Columbia SC!(which is harder and harder to find these days 🙂

Tye & Emily
exterminator Columbia

The exterminator they sent is extremely professional, very thorough and knowledgeable. He communicates when he will be here and is always on time And if not he text me if he is going to be late. I have referred people to Cayce Exterminating because of him.

Mary Blair, 🙂

Great pest control company, friendly service. Always answer the phone when I call.

Brian S
bed bug exterminator in columbia

We had family visit for the holidays and they brought bed bugss with them!!! So we called Cayce Exterminating because our neighbor uses them and they came out quick and got everything under control. Sadly the bed bugss left before all the family! 🙂

Camryn Moore
pest control columbia sc

David is great! Extremely professional and thorough. I had ants in my kitchen (which is crazy because we are OCD clean) and within hours of Davic leaving, they were GONE!! Super impressed with Cayce Exterminating Company and would highly recommend them for your pest control services.

Tammy R
best exterminator in Columbia SC

The prices for their pest control services were extremely reasonable. The service Cayce Exterminating provides is professional, prompt and friendly. Appointments are always kept, and if anyone is going to be late I’m usually made aware. David has been our main pest control service guy from the beginning. He is the best!

Stacy Amick
mosquito joe

Cayce Exterminating is always on time, communicates effectively, they do a great job and always with a smile. They are thorough and makes sure each and every time that all my needs and concerns have been addressed. I would highly recommend Cayce Exterminating to everyone that wants outstanding home pest control service.

Joe Kelso
pest control lexington sc

Cayce Exterminating have always been very responsive should something come up, and their technicians have all been friendly and thorough in their work. We HIGHLY recommend them to anyone looking for home pest control in Columbia.

Kaleigh R

We provide guaranteed pest control service for both commercial and residential properties. Your Columbia SC pest control Experts are on the front line in the war on pests, and our extermination professionals know the enemy like the back of their hands. One of our team’s major advantages is the fact that we know the entire home and office inside and out. We know where pests get in and begin propagating. We also know where to look for evidence of infestation and we get in to fix the problem before it gets out of hand. Not only do we know where to find pests that have already weaseled their way into your home, we know how to make sure that they stay away for good with our home pest control.