5 Warning Signs You Have Termites

5 Warning Signs You Have Termites

5 Warning Signs You Have Termites

Concerned you have a termite infestation? Discover the 5 warning signs you have termites in this quick and informative guide.

The thought that there might be bugs gnawing away at your home is enough to keep anyone up at night. But how are you to know for sure that what you suspect to be termites really are?

First, you have to become a bug detective. Termites, as many pests do, have a distinct trail of clues they leave behind so that the careful observer like yourself can find them.

However, are termites your problem, or something else entirely? To be sure that you really have a termite problem before hiring a pest control service, look for these signs you have termites.

Termite Evidence

If you have termites, they’ll leave behind distinct evidence that they were there, including droppings and wing fragments.


Termite droppings, or “frass,” look like tiny piles of sawdust. If you have termites, you’ll usually find these piles around a hole in the wood. They use the tiny hole to dispose of the droppings from within the wood. The droppings look like little pellets as small as grains of salt and pepper.


Termites colonies have insects with wings and some without. When termites need to mate, the winged termites will swarm outside of your house. If you see a termite (dead or alive) anywhere in your house, this is your sign to Get. It. Checked! Most pest control companies also suggest you collect one of the bugs if possible to show them exactly what is terrorizing your home.

Wing Fragments

Or, if you miss a swarm but you suspect they were there, you can also look for remaining wing fragments. Flying ants and termites have very similar wing sizes and are often confused with each other by homeowners. A few ways you can tell them apart is by taking a look at the wing fragments.

Termites and ants have 2 sets of wings. Termite wings are all identical, with both sets the same size. They are also long straight, like an elongated teardrop. A flying ant’s second pair of wings are smaller than the ones on top.

Hollow Wood and Paint Damage

Finding hollow wood or damage around your house is another sign you should be concerned about termites. Sound like a no-brainer? Maybe not so much. You’d be surprised how much wood in your house you don’t actually touch or pay attention to regularly.

One way to test if you have termites lurking below the floorboards is to press on the wood around the house. If it gives out, crumbles, or sounds hollow where it shouldn’t be, it could be termite damage. Baseboards, door frames, and attics are usually great places for termites to hide out because they can survive out of sight before anyone even notices they’re there!

Even innocent-looking paint damage on the interior or exterior of your home can actually be termites hard at work. Termites won’t eat the paint over your wood, so if you notice excessive paint peeling or areas where it falls away, it could be a hotspot for termites.

Check any areas that look weak or crumbly and any inconspicuous spaces like doors and behind furniture. You’re much less likely to notice if these areas are affected at the onset of a termite infestation.

Clicking in the Walls

This sounds like some familiar horror movie, doesn’t it? Well, termites might as well be the star of your own house of horrors! If you hear clicking in the walls, it could mean you need to have your house checked for termites.

Termites communicate with each other throughout their established system by using distinctive warning signals. With teeth like tiny chainsaws, it’s also hard not to make noise chewing through solid wood, so this can also cause some clicking as well.

It will often sound like a quiet chittering at first; however, if the sound is unmistakable and hard to miss, you may have a more severe case. Regardless, get it checked out, stat.

Mud Tubes

Mud tubes are basically like little travel tunnels for termites. It keeps them safe from the outside elements and predators when traveling from place to place. They take small particles of soil or sand and wood and build roadways for their colonies. They will attach above the ground food sources to pathways below your house and even throughout your house’s foundation or wooden structures.

If you notice any of these tubes, don’t brush them away in hopes the termites will know they aren’t welcome. It won’t take your uninvited house guests long to build new ones, and it won’t stop them from infesting your house. Contact an exterminator to take a look and let you know whether the tubes are recent or old.

Loose Tiles and Stuck Doors or Windows

Termites are attracted to wood that is damp or exposed to high humidity environments. Places where this environment is common are door and window frames. They chew through the wood, which can often lead to the warping of these delicate structures. Once they’ve caused the damage, you’ll notice that doors may not shut quite right, and windows get stuck more often; this is no coincidence.

In combination with their ruthless attack on your wood, other parts of your home may also see the damage. Moisture in your home can attract termites and lead to loose tiles on your floors. If you have laminate, they can easily burrow underneath it.

Are You Noticing Signs You Have Termites?

Have you identified any of these signs you have termites in your house? If so, it’s time to contact a bug expert at Cayce Exterminating. We’ll take care of those creepy crawlies, so you don’t have to!

With expert exterminators available to you, you never have to worry about unexpected guests again! Stop living in fear of termites in your walls and schedule a free consultation and quote today.

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