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Home Repairs – Why Choose Cayce Exterminating?


Did you know Cayce Exterminating also does home repairs, remodels and moisture barriers? Probably not – we know the name Cayce Exterminating makes you think of Pest Control, but we’d like to take a minute tell you about our home repairs and remodeling services.

The Story

Cayce Exterminating has been serving our local, Columbia-area customers with superior Pest Control for over 50 years. Imagine how many homes and businesses we’ve worked on in that time! For years we’ve seen the impact of Termite damage on buildings. Your typical Pest Control company would come in to treat the Termites and leave. Unhappy with this approach, Cayce Exterminating took the next step and hired a licensed builder to help repair the damage left by Termites. This is when our home repairs division began.

Why Use Cayce Exterminating for Home Repairs?

We’ve seen the damage caused by Termites. We see the effects of water damage when we’re in your crawlspaces. We KNOW how to treat, prevent and repair this damage so that you’re left with a beautiful home or business. No longer do you have to call multiple companies to repair Termite or water damage. Cayce Exterminating can complete the job start to finish and, with our Pest Control expertise, make sure the damage doesn’t return.

Having spent many, many hours in people’s crawlspaces, we’ve become experts in installing moisture barriers. Moisture barriers in crawl spaces can prevent odors and mold, keep your floors at an even temperature all year round (no more freezing floors in the winter!), protect your pipes from freezing and increase energy efficiency in your home.

Our home repairs division has become so proficient, they’re now being hired to do bathroom and kitchen remodels whether or not Termite/water damage is involved.

So, the next time you’re considering a remodel or faced with Termite or water damage, call Cayce Exterminating. Our licensed contractor will give you a fair estimate and we know you’ll be happy with the quality of the work. Don’t let the name fool you – Cayce Exterminating does more than just kill bugs. Call us today at 803-796-2847 to ask about our home repairs and remodeling services.

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