mosquito pest control columbia scStanding water, shady wood and wetlands around a property are great breeding grounds for mosquitoes. As the summer sun begins, swarms of hungry insects turn a nice and pleasant evening outside and on the deck into a slap session trying to rid these bloodsuckers. To fight against these attacks, we normally light citronella sticks or candles to drive the mosquitoes away and spray insect repellent to minimize such attacks from happening. As a last-ditch effort, exterminators like Cayce Exterminating are called upon who are experts at getting rid of these pesky biters with their mosquito pest control.

Mosquitoes can sense carbon dioxide traces produced by their victims. Most commercial traps entice mosquitoes by burning propane to produce carbon dioxide. While carbon dioxide takes mosquitoes to their targets, it is heat that they use to direct them where to bite. They select areas of ​​the body where the blood is closest to the surface so necks, foreheads, wrists, and ankles are likely targets.


A homemade trap is typically made of plastic bottles. Yeast and sugar are used as bait and placed inside the bottle where the chemical reaction creates carbon dioxide that draws the mosquito in. The bugs follow the carbon dioxide plumes down through the funnel and into the bottle. The moment they realize there’s no food, they’ll try to fly along the surface of the mixture until they reach the sides of the bottle, then try to fly up to where the exit is blocked by the funnel. Eventually, the bugs will tire and fall only to drown into the sugar mixture. There will be a few lucky escapees but the majority will be trapped and killed.

This simple trap might not clear your yard of all the mosquitoes but it is cheap and very easy to make. It is also organic which means it’s safe for pets and kids. Below is the instruction on how you can make one for yourself.


  • An empty 2-liter plastic bottle
  • razor knife
  • duct tape
  • spray paint or black construction paper
  • 1/4 cup brown sugar
  • 1 cup hot water
  • 1 package dry active yeast


Using a razor knife, cut the top section of the plastic bottle right around where the neck meets the main section of the bottle. Be careful using the knife while cutting as it’s sharp enough to slice off the bottle and right into your finger.


Once you’re done cutting the top portion of the bottle, you now have two pieces you can arrange to assemble the trap. Invert the bottleneck (with the cap removed) and insert it into the body of the bottle. Don’t push the bottleneck all the way in. Just leave enough room at the bottom of the bottle for a cup of the mixture to sit with a little bit of air space between the bottleneck opening and the surface of the liquid.


Using duct tape, seal the funnel by taping the edges. The tape will also hold the funnel in place, preventing it from coming off or going farther into the body of the bottle. As a tip, cover the entire contraption with black construction paper or black spray paint to block out light. It will keep the trap cooler and also extends the life of the yeast and sugar bait.


Add the sugar to one cup of boiling water. Mix it thoroughly until all the sugar dissolves fully.

Allow the mixture to cool enough that you can stick your finger in it. Then add the yeast. The ideal temperature should be 120 F to 130 F.

Adding the yeast while the mixture is still too hot will kill the bacteria off. Adding when the mixture gets too cold will not activate the yeast.

Pour the mixture into the bottle through the bottleneck and the trap is ready to go.


The point of the trap is to lure mosquitoes so don’t place it near sitting areas or places where people congregate. Instead, place it a good distance from such areas of your property. During dusks, mosquitoes will come out looking for their next meal and will be lured towards the trap due to the carbon dioxide fumes emanating from it.

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