How to Prevent Termites From Invading Your Home

termite inspection columbia sc

termite inspection columbia sc

Over 40 termite species live in the US out of the 2000 species found worldwide. Termites, also called the Silent Destroyers, can cause significant property damage, and it’s not until noticeable damage occurs that you realize its extent.

Termites thrive in hot and humid climates such as the Southern States of the US. Any home environment offers an ideal nesting place, encouraging them to infest your properties. Thus, it’s essential to have a termite inspection Columbia SC scheduled before buying a new property.

Most commonly found in areas with a large amount of decaying wood. Termites tend to feed off cellulose and secrete enzymes used to digest/break down the fibers.

The residue from this process is called ‘frass.’ Most homeowners confuse frass with dirt or regular soil, but it’s a scattered pile of feces that you can easily spot on your window sills, door sills, or even in cupboards.

If you built your home before 1990, it is more likely to have exposed wood in the foundation, but regular termite inspection in Columbia, SC can keep the pests under control. So how do you prevent termites from invading your home?

Have a Termite Inspection Columbia SC and Reduce Wood to Soil Contact

As earlier mentioned, termites feed on decaying wood. Thus, the best way to keep them away is to reduce this contact.

Wood might be present in your crawl space or subfloor and might get more exposed after remodeling measures.

If you discover any decaying/weakened logs, cut them down and replace them with termite-resistant wood like cedar and redwood. Treated timber is pest-resistant, making it an excellent choice to keep termites away.


  • Keep debris, lumbar, cardboards, and any cellulose-based debris away from the foundation
  • Make sure there is at least a 4-inch distance between mulch and the house
  • Check for rotting on any wood fixtures in your property, such as a wooden fence or siding
  • Look for a ‘pest control near me’ service provider for regular inspections
  • Deal with an infestation when detected by calling in an experienced termite exterminator

It also helps to keep flying termites away during the swarming seasons. Flying termites are attracted to night lights but putting them off prevents them from crawling into your house.

Additionally, keep all doors and windows closed and have a home pest control Columbia SC inspect whether you have cracks, and other spaces termites can take advantage of to gain entry into your home.

Keep Moisture Levels Low

High moisture levels in the foundation attract termites leading to massive property destruction. Keep the crawl spaces and the area around the house dry.

If you have to use water for landscaping, ensure that the drainpipes are adequately sloped away from the house’s foundation. Increasing light penetration into crawl spaces during regular inspections will help spot moist areas.

Termites prefer dark and moist places where they can reside without being noticed. Wood acts as excellent insulation, but it becomes an ideal place for termites to build their nests if it’s rotten. Additionally:

  • check the roof plumbing and gutters for leaks that direct water to the foundation
  • Check whether the storm drains empty water several feet away from the foundation
  • Install and inspect vapor block barriers in crawl spaces
  • Direct any condensation from home heating, cooking, washing, and other activities away from the house
  • Occasionally call in a pest control expert for inspections and recommendations

Eliminate Food Sources

As a pest control Columbia, SC expert will let you know, pests, including termites, inhabit where the conditions are conducive. It includes having adequate food and a safe shelter. Thus, to eliminate food sources:

  • Remove all rotting wood and dead trees away from your property
  • Keep your home clean and clutter-free- It means removing cardboard debris, papers, wood scraps, boxes
  • Regularly clean out the pantry and keep it free from old food residues
  • Clear all vegetation, including shrubs and bushes
  • Remove firewood stacks at least 30 feet away from your house
  • Don’t stack paper files on the floor

Termites like damp wood environments because it provides excellent shelter and it’s still their primary source of food. Thus, when you detect an infestation, call a home pest control expert to advise on the best way to get rid of the problem.

Keep Plants a Distance from Your House

Plants create a moist environment and provide shelter for pests. It also provides a pathway from one location to another by providing a bridge between trees and any other structure, be it a building or a tree.

  • Keep plants at least six feet away from the house foundation or walls
  • Remove lower branches that can give termites access to your home
  • Clear all vegetation from the roof and do regular inspections to detect any termite activity
  • Use non-organic mulch for the plants
  • Rake grass regularly

Note that doing this also eliminates other pests such as ants, mosquitoes, and rodents that live in grass areas.

Inspect Under the House

Termites can take up residence under a house if the soil is moist and musty. To prevent this:

Check for cracks along the foundation walls and seal them with caulk to stop moisture from seeping through.

  • Inspect regularly for termite infestations as they are difficult to spot
  • Regularly clean the area under the house of debris, wood scraps, and other organic material
  • Use epoxy paint to seal any cracks or crevices that may provide entry points for termites
  • Avoid organic mulch and rocks near your house
  • Do not purposely place boulders or other items on your lawn near the foundation of your house
  • Regularly clean up your balcony and around your garden to eliminate any wood debris

Keeping your home moisture-free is the best way to prevent termite infestations.

Hire an Expert Termite Inspection Columbia SC

Termite infestation can be a big challenge, but it doesn’t have to be. Hire an exterminator near me for inspections and recommendations on how you can keep your home termite-free.

Cayce Exterminating is an expert home termite inspection Columbia SC provider who can help you maintain a termite-free home. With periodical inspections, specialist advice, and quick solutions, you’ll be happy to have chosen our services.

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