In the Southeastern USA, Termite damage has been cited as the number one destroyer of homes and other building structures more than fires, floods and hurricanes. Termites can easily make a meal of any wooden structure, causing it to become unsafe quickly. Many homeowners don’t realize their property has suffered Termite damage until it has progressed to the point of needing expensive repairs. However, there are ways of protecting your property from the ravages of Termites.

How do I know if my home has termites?

This is a question Cayce Exterminating hears often. While it takes the trained eyes of an experienced Termite technician to determine the nature and extent of Termites present, there are a few signs of Termite damage you may notice as a homeowner.

Termite swarms in the warmer spring months. One of the reasons we get called out to homes in the early months of the year is due to Termite swarms. This happens when the Termite colony has matured and releases “swarmers” or secondary reproductives to mate and begin a new colony. The newly winged Termites may swarm out of walls or trim when they sense the warmth of spring. This may be a sure sign that you have a deeper Termite infestation that needs prompt treatment.

Small holes in walls, window frames, and floors. Subterranean Termites are fairly small in size, and travel by “mud tunnels” that are rarely seen. They can remove the wood from behind paint or the paper in drywall, leaving only the paint intact. If you spot new holes or indentions in drywall, wallpaper, or interior trim you may be seeing an exit or entry point for these voracious eaters. Don’t try to patch the holes before you get an inspection as you may be hiding a larger problem.

Sagging wood beams and uneven floors. If you start to notice floors or beams sagging in your home, don’t wait to call Cayce Exterminating for a FREE inspection. This may be an indication of an active infestation and structural damage. Not only can your home be treated to eliminate the Termites but repairs can be made by a licensed builder to restore the damage caused by Termites.

The only proven way to protect your home from costly Termite damage is to hire a reputable and licensed Pest Management Company. By performing an effective treatment and regular inspections, your home can be Termite free for many years. For Peace of Mind, call Cayce Exterminating for a Termite Protection Plan today. Let Your Pest be Our Problem.