Termite Damage: This Is What They Can Do to Your Home

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Did you know that termite damage can cause your roof to cave in? While this might be one of the most severe outcomes of a termite infestation, there's no limit to the damage that termites can create in your home. But what are the signs of termites in your home? What kind of damage should

What to Expect From a Termite Inspection in Columbia, SC

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Dealing with termites can be extremely frustrating, and at the beginning of an infestation, you may not even realize they are in your home. Termites cause damage worth billions of dollars in repairs. You have noticed possible signs of termites and reached out to a pest control company to confirm your suspicions. Now that a

How to Prevent Termites From Invading Your Home

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Over 40 termite species live in the US out of the 2000 species found worldwide. Termites, also called the Silent Destroyers, can cause significant property damage, and it's not until noticeable damage occurs that you realize its extent. Termites thrive in hot and humid climates such as the Southern States of the US. Any home

Signs of Termites: 9 Clues That You Have Termites in Your Home

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Did you know that it only takes termites 3 months to eat the wall and roofing lumber of a home? In the U.S., termites cause more home damage than fire, flood, storms, tornadoes, and hurricanes put together. Can you recognize signs of termites? Keep Take action before it's too late. What You Should Know About

Termite Facts and How Cayce Exterminating Can Help

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Termites are a huge problem here in South Carolina. Every year they cause thousands of dollars of damage to many people’s biggest asset – their homes. This spring (2015) we’ve had an increase in calls about termites so we wanted to highlight some of the facts and how Cayce Exterminating can help you with any

Swarming Termites – What You Need to Know

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Termite swarmers are one of four types of termites in a colony. A termite colony includes: Workers – these do all the heavy lifting from foraging for food to building tunnels and nests. Soldiers – they do exactly what their names suggests – protect the colony against predators, who are most likely ants. Swarmers are

Protecting Your Home From Termite Damage

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In the Southeastern USA, termite damage has been cited as the number one destroyer of homes and other building structures more than fires, floods and hurricanes. Termites can easily make a meal of any wooden structure, causing it to become unsafe quickly. Many homeowners don’t realize their property has suffered termite damage until it has

Termite Control – What You Need To Know

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Termites are a group of insect that mostly feed on dead plant material and live in colonies that range from several hundred to several million. While they are essential to our ecosystem, in the United States they pose a severe threat to the structure of your home. If left untreated, termites can silently damage your

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