5 Reasons To Hire a Rodent Removal Service

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There are over 4,660 species of rodents ranging from squirrels to beavers. Each rodent species prefers different habitats, meals, and mannerisms, but they all have one thing in common.

Every rodent has a set of identifiable upper and lower chisel-like teeth. Their teeth are sharp, always growing, and dangerous when used.

Since rodents have no definite habitat, there is a good chance you may come across one in your home. You can try to remove the rodent yourself, but more than their teeth can complicate your plans.

If you’re not convinced about calling wildlife removal services, keep reading for 5 more reasons to consider contacting a professional.

1. Disease Prevention

Unlike your house pets, rodents are not vaccinated against diseases. Instead, rodents carry pathogens and illnesses wherever they go. One of the most known and dangerous diseases rodents can carry is rabies, a serious and fatal disease.

Touching the sick animal or its remains/droppings increases your chance of becoming ill. This doesn’t mean that the rodent in your home is diseased, but sometimes the signs of illnesses are hard to find.

Calling a rodent removal service will protect you from contracting any diseases from the pest because you won’t have to remove them. Once the professionals are done, they will also sanitize the scene to kill any diseases left behind.

Professional rodent removers are also trained to identify and handle diseased rodents. They have the equipment to remove the animal and its droppings/remains without causing danger. The professionals will also know what to do with the rodent once it is caught (protecting you, once again, from disease).

2. Infestation Elimination

Even though you only see one or two of the rodents at a time, it is not uncommon for there to be more lingering. You may be prepared to face a single raccoon or opossum on your own, but what about a whole family?

Chances are, you’ll learn that you’re underqualified for the job. Rodent removal services carry serious firepower with them. Their equipment and knowledge of the rodent at hand prepare them to easily face an infestation of pests.

Professionals won’t get overwhelmed at the sight of a rat infestation or a family of raccoons. Instead, they’ll have your home rodent-free in no time.

3. It’s a More Permanent Solution

Like most problems, rodents can come back in the future. If you miss a hidden burrow of babies or fail to check for other rodents, there is a chance the problem was not solved. Once babies mature and more rodents find their way to your property, you’ll be back where you started.

A rodent removal service will remove the problem for good. They know the best hiding places to search, the right traps to place, and what is attracting the pests. They can also fill any rodent entrances and give you tips on how to avoid attracting any more unwanted wildlife.

If rodents do return after their extermination, many removal services are insured. The guarantee means that professionals will return to your home and remove the pests either free of charge or at a discounted rate.

Wildlife professionals take your safety seriously and don’t want you to suffer forever.

4. Both Your and the Animal’s Protection

As stated earlier, rodents are known for their teeth. They are very sharp and can harm you and your pets. Some rodents, such as raccoons, are not afraid of people and will attack when they feel threatened. Don’t forget, that rodents can carry harmful and contractable diseases.

Without the right safety equipment or knowledge of the rodent, you are left at the mercy of the animal. The quicker you hire a professional, the sooner your family will be safe on your property again.

If you’re worried about the safety of the exterminator, remember they are experts on every species of rodent and are dressed for the occasion. They have the protective gear you can’t buy at any store.

What About Rodent’s Protection?

Without getting up close and personal with your unwelcome guest, you won’t know whether the rodent in your backyard is endangered. Endangered species are protected by the government, meaning you can’t harm or kill them. Plus, you probably don’t want to be the cause of an animal’s extinction.

The protection of the animal in your home yard will be the first thing on your exterminator’s mind. Wildlife professionals know the importance of protecting endangered rodents and (most importantly) how to remove them. They can safely trap and transport them to a protected habitat where they can live in peace.

5. Quick Solution

Taking time to research and buy traps, poisons, and equipment to remove rodents yourself will allow the pests to grow and multiply. Allowing the problem to worsen will only make the removal process harder and less effective.

Professional rodent removal services do not need a few business days to make a plan. All they need to do is load up and go to your home. Exterminators can be trapping animals on your property in a matter of hours.

In Need of Wildlife Removal Services?

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