wildlife removal services

Imagine looking across your backyard and seeing raccoons or squirrels frolicking in the grass. Sounds idyllic, right?

Maybe not. Wildlife can cause extensive damage to your yard and garden. Wild animals can also threaten your family, your pets, and your livestock.

Many homeowners would love nothing more than to live in harmony with the wild animals in their area. Unfortunately, this isn’t always safe for you or the animals. Action needs to be taken to prevent further damage or injury.

Are you struggling with wildlife encroaching on your property? Please continue reading to learn how wildlife removal services can help and why the work they do protects you and the animals.

Help Protect Endangered Wildlife

Wild animals can be a nuisance, but those animals can also be endangered. Trapping or killing endangered animals by yourself could result in hefty fines or jail time.

Since it’s difficult for the layperson to know the exact species they’re dealing with, it’s best to consult wildlife removal experts. They can assess the problem and contact the appropriate authorities if the wild animal needs medical attention, rehabilitation, or relocation.

Wildlife Can Carry Rabies

Did you know that rabies is present in every US state except Hawaii? Rabies is also 99% fatal without treatment. Once infected, wild animals display strange behavior that can cause them to get closer to humans than they usually would.

This is a recipe for disaster.

Any wild animal that displays unusual behavior or appears sick needs removal as soon as possible. Foxes, skunks, and raccoons are especially vulnerable to rabies. Also, if you have a bat colony in your attic or outbuildings, they need to be dealt with immediately.

While rabies is very rare in possums, it’s still good to consider possum extermination if they’re on your property.

Wild Animals Carry Other Diseases and Parasites

Bird watching is a favorite pastime of many Americans and finding a nest in your eaves can feel exciting. But what you don’t know is that nest is a breeding ground for bird mites.

Like other parasites, bird mites feed on the blood of their host. Bird’s nests are crawling with these mites, and when the birds leave, the mites make their way into your home. Bird control services can help you remove nests and advise on treatment if you have mites in your house.

Mice and rats carry and spread a host of diseases, including the hantavirus and typhus. They’re not just dangerous to humans. Domestic pets can also become ill from rodent bites or ingesting rodent feces.

These rodents can also destroy food and grain supplies. Traps and poison for home use are often ineffective and can be dangerous to pets.

If you have mice or rats in your home, call for rodent removal services right away.

Wild Animals Can Bite

Wild animals are unpredictable. When frightened or cornered, their first instinct is to flee but never rule out the possibility of a bite.

Snakes can be a significant problem. When you’re walking through your yard you might not see a snake until it’s right under your feet. And if snakes get inside your home, they’re almost impossible for non-experts to catch.

If a snake bites you, dial 911 immediately. In the absence of an emergency, a snake control service in your area can identify the kind of snakes you’re dealing with and help you remove them.

Children are very vulnerable to bites. Many wild animals like raccoons are the heroes in children’s books and cartoons. Young kids might not know that touching these animals is dangerous, especially since they’re so cute.

Contact the experts for raccoon pest control if these animals frequent your property.

Wild Animals Destroy Lawns and Gardens

You take pride in your lawn and enjoy the harvest from your garden. Wildlife can destroy your hard work overnight.

Deer and rabbits are scoundrels when it comes to your garden. A mature deer can eat up to ten pounds of forage per day, and they’d much rather eat your vegetables than plain grass.

Rabbits aren’t picky. They’ll dine on your flowers, shrubs, grass, and anything in your garden. They can burrow under fences, so you might not be able to stop them independently.

Contacting wildlife removal services can help ensure your garden is safe from wildlife.

Other wild animals demolish the ground, leaving dangerous holes and further unsightly damage. Moles create shallow burrows that can cause entire sections of your lawn to die off.

Wild hogs are becoming a big problem. In South Carolina alone, they cause hundreds of millions of dollars worth of damage every year. These hogs use their tusks to dig for food and will destroy a lawn overnight.

Beavers are another destructive animal. If you have a river or stream on your property, you never know when you’ll find a portion of your property flooded. Beaver dams can cause dangerous water backups, especially during heavy rains.

When searching for wildlife control near me, be sure to ask if they have experience with beavers.

Learn More About Wildlife Removal Services

Our nation’s wildlife is a beautiful part of our ecosystem. But when these animals move into your yard, garden, house, or barn, they can cause expensive and life-threatening problems.

Since it’s never a good idea for untrained persons to handle wildlife, you need to contact the experts. Wildlife removal services employ trained staff who can assess the problem and then take the proper course of action.

Are you struggling with unwanted wildlife? Get in touch today to learn more about ways we can help.