7 Signs That You Should Call Pest Control in Columbia, SC

pest control in Columbia SC

7 Signs That You Should Call Pest Control in Columbia, SCpest control in Columbia SC

No homeowner wants to have pests in their home. The reality is that pests can enter one’s home and make it their own. Data shows that the average home has more than 100 different types of bugs living in it.

Bet this number made the hair on the back of your neck stand up. There are several signs you should look for to determine if you have a pest infestation.

If you live in Columbia, South Carolina, and have a pest issue, you need professional help. Read this guide to determine if you need pest control in Columbia SC. You’ll learn about the 7 warning signs that show your home has a pest infestation.

1. Pest Droppings

Pest droppings are one the most obvious warning signs of a pest infestation. You may find feces in the interior or exterior of your home.

Start by looking inside your home. Pests tend to leave their droppings in dark areas of the home. These areas can include the basement, under the cabinets, and in closets.

Look for cone-or circular-shaped droppings. These are rat droppings. Rats may also leave behind fur and nails, so be on the lookout for these droppings too.

If there’s a roach infestation, you’ll find feces that look like ground coffee or black pepper. Larger roaches can leave behind feces with blunt ends and ridges down the side.

You should know that these droppings can cause health problems. Rat droppings can carry diseases that can make people sick. If you see any droppings in your home, call pest control.

2. Presence of Odors

Have you smelled any bad odors in your home? Unpleasant smalls are the earliest signs of a pest infestation. Bad odors can come from the places where pests leave their food.

The pest living in your home can leave food in their hiding places. The food can rot and produce a terrible stench. Dead pests can also leave behind an awful smell.

3. Strange Noises

Strange noises and sounds are warning signs of a pest infestation. If you hear noises coming from the attic or crawl spaces, there is a chance you may have a pest problem.

Rats are often responsible for making strange noises as they move. They may make scratching noises in the kitchen as they look for food. Rats also whine and squeak.

4. Evidence of a Nest

Common household pests can make a home out of any area in your home. If they get too comfortable they may even start to reproduce.

Do you suspect there is a rodent infestation in your home? Look for evidence of nesting. You should look for leaves and grass clippings. These are common nesting materials rodent use.

Check the walls to see if rats are hiding their nests there. Also, make sure to look around outside your home as there may be areas where rats and other pests built their nests.

An exterminator will make sure to get rid of any nests. They must do so as the nests can attract more insects that are looking to prey on the eggs of other pests.

5. Property Damage

Pests can cause property damage throughout the home. If you notice gnawing on wooden furniture or wires, there may be a termite infestation. Pest control can take care of this infestation.

Rodents like to chew on clothes and wires. The chewing of the wires can cause a fire. Also, look at your mattresses and baseboards as rodents like to bite them in search of a good place to make a nest.

Do take the time to look for gnaw marks and holes throughout your home. Focus on the porch, base, walls, and fences as these are places where pests like to be in can cause damage.

If you have plants inside your home take a look at them. If the leaves have holes, it may be due to the pests that gnaw of them. Chances are you may even find droppings around the plants too.

The extent of the pest infestation can even go as far as your garden. If you notice patches in your lawn, it’s possible that the same insects that are causing this damage are the ones making it inside your home.

6. Presence of Smudges

Pests can leave behind a trail as they move throughout your home. Because pests walk around in dirty and greasy places, they can leave smudges behind.

The smudges may be black or brown. The best places to look for smudges are on the floor and walls.

7. Dead Bugs

One of the best signs of a pest infestation is dead pests. Finding one or two dead roaches a year in your home may not signal a problem. If you’re seeing dead bugs all the time, there’s a chance you have a pest infestation.

Keep an eye on certain areas of the house. Pests like to hide in dark places. They also like to hide in places where there’s a lot of moisture.

Focus on the bathrooms, basement, and laundry room. Shine a light on these areas to see if you find any dead bugs.

The Best Pest Control in Columbia SC

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