Moth Flies, also known to many as Drain Flies, are a common household pest here in South Carolina. They are very small (less than 2mm) flies that are usually found in bathrooms and kitchens due to them reproducing in the wet sludge found in drains. They get the name “Moth Flies” because they are covered in little hairs, giving them a furry, moth-like appearance, and adult drain flies tend to be nocturnal and attracted to light.

As a household pest, they are pretty resilient – their short hairs make them water-resistant so they are almost impossible to drown and boiling water has no effect on them either. They are not affected by contact with most water-borne toxins such as bleach. The eggs are highly resistant to both chemical and thermal assault and can also withstand periods of dehydration.

All this being said, if you have moth flies in your home, your best solution is to contact the pest control experts at Cayce Exterminating. Your pest, our problem!