Problems With Household Pests? Let the Experts Handle That

household pests

household pests

A trail of ants, mouse feces,  or the telltale sound of scurrying in the walls all mean the same thing: you’re sharing your home with more than just your loved ones. Household pests raise anxiety and cause illness. No one wants them.

Many a homeowner has torn his home apart with the frantic notion of finding and destroying these vermin. In the end, no matter what home remedy or over-the-counter solution you find, you end up calling a professional exterminator.

Keep reading to learn more about why you should consult a professional first before you consider DIY pest control.

Treatment for the Wrong Household Pests

Many a homeowner believes they can handle basic bug problems. Unfortunately, though, not all pesticides work on all bugs.

A professional exterminator will identify the bugs in your home so they best know how to treat the problem. You need experts to help you find the best treatment for your particular problem.

What kills a carpenter ant may not kill a sugar ant, so call in a professional pest control company to identify and then treat your problem.

Inadequate or Overwhelming Treatment

Even if you find the right pesticide or treatment for your particular problem, often what you can find at the local hardware store won’t have industrial qualities like what a professional would use.

Professional pest control services must be certified to apply the commercial-grade chemicals they use because of their effectiveness.

Often when homeowners attempt to apply their own pesticide, they overspray the weak chemicals they find at the store. Often this spray is thinner than commercial grade spray, and it ends up running off the surfaces the owner has sprayed.

You’re not just wasting money when you spray an excessive amount of chemicals, but you’re harming the environment. Professional pest control services use commercial-grade products that have a strategically thin film that sticks to the surface. Thus the pros understand how to use just enough pesticide to do the job without a runoff.

You keep your family and pets safe while killing off the pests you don’t want.

Unsafe Location

Professional exterminators understand the nuance of picking the right location for pesticides. Homeowners will often apply chemicals to areas inside and outside the home where pets and children play.

Pest control specialists have the certification to know what chemicals to apply and where to apply those chemicals for maximum effect and maximum safety. When you put rat pellets, toxic chemicals, and termite bait in the wrong spot, disaster will follow.

Experienced exterminators will find the best site for chemicals not just because they’re out of harm’s way for children and pets but also because that’s where the pests are. Specialists know to look for entrance points for mice and rats as well as tiny bugs.

Unnecessary Risks

Homeowners who apply their own pesticides or treat their property for pests put themselves in danger as well. Certified exterminators understand the risks and have received training in how to protect themselves as well as their customers.

Furthermore, certified exterminators know how to deal with pests that could attack in self-defense. They understand the habits of rodents, birds, wasps, and other animals that invade your property and threaten your home.

Experienced exterminators also have the proper equipment for exterminating pests. Sometimes you may have pests at dangerous heights. The average ladder does not do the trick, but a pest control expert will have the necessary equipment and skill to reach the critter causing you problems.

When you attempt a DIY pest control solution, you put yourself in a risky situation. You could end up hurt, with medical bills, and still in need of an exterminator.

Environmental Hazard

Certified pest control companies are also environmentalists. They have the chemicals that tackle your pest issues without harming your property or the environment.

Pest control companies must follow strict government regulations. Their chemicals help you deal with your pests with minimal negative effects on the environment. When you attempt to use your own chemicals without proper training, you could end up with foliage damage to your lawn or plants.

Additionally, pest control experts understand how to rehome a pest if it is critical to the environment.

For example, an IT company in California reopened its doors in the winter of 2021 after shutting down in the spring of 2020. When they came back to work, they discovered an infestation of 20,000 bees. Pest experts helped them rehome the bees and their hives, helping maintain an insect essential to the environment.

Financial Waste

Initially, you may believe you’re saving money by treating your home for unwanted pests. You’ll believe that the chemicals on the counter or the home remedies will save you the expense and time of calling a professional.

Truthfully, though, you’ll end up calling a professional to care for the job. So you’ll have spent money on your own remedies as well as on the cost of a professional exterminator.

When you call in an experienced exterminator from the start, you save money. You pay one person one time and do not see those pests again. On average, a professional exterminator for bugs will cost between $100 and $300, which isn’t much considering the damage that bugs can do to your home and well-being.

Call and Save Yourself

Household pests can cause serious harm to you, your loved ones, and your property. When you find them, you want them gone as soon as possible.

But you should not act rashly. Seek out a professional opinion. A pest removal expert will be able to identify the problem as well as the best solution.

If you’ve discovered an unwanted pest in your home, contact us. We have the expertise and professionalism that will help you get your home back to normal.

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