What Are the Disadvantages of DIY Home Pest Control?

home pest control

home pest control

Leaning towards an at-home pest control solution? Before you whip out your traps and chemical sprays, take a moment to think about your next move. Yes, DIY pest control solutions seem like the perfect eviction notice to whatever unwelcomed critter you’re housing.

But going off common knowledge and your best guess will prove itself more trouble than it’s worth before everything is said and done. Need more convincing? Then you’ve come to the right place.

The biggest disadvantages of do-it-yourself pest control are listed below.

1. Your Methods Could Be Ineffective

Your approach to eradicating infestations in your house will vary depending on the pest you’re fighting. Mice, for example, require traps, poison, fumigation, and the filling in of small holes around the house. If you try approaching your mouse issue in the same way you’d approach bed bugs or roaches, you’ll see little to no progress.

If you take the wrong approach or skip a few steps while exterminating, you will waste time, funds, and resources.

Knowing only a few extermination methods will also prevent you from considering your options. Professional pest control specialists have enough experience to know multiple extermination methods for certain critters. If their original strategy did not work, your exterminator will know the next best answer. This knowledge increases their success rate and trumps yours.

2. Home Pest Control Can Be Hazardous

Sometimes, chemicals are the best solution to your pest problem, but using them on your own can quickly become hazardous. Without the right equipment or knowledge of pesticides, you run the risk of overusing, overpouring, and harming those who live in your house. This is especially dangerous to infants or animals in your household.

They are usually closer to the ground, putting them at a higher risk for harmful exposure.

In the Case Of Harmful Exposure:

If you or a loved one do come into contact with improperly used chemicals, contact poison control as soon as possible. The poison control specialists will ask you questions regarding the chemicals and recommend your next move. If you don’t have access to a phone, that’s ok.

Go to the nearest hospital immediately, tell them your symptoms and everything you know about the chemical. If you are not able to drive yourself, ask a friend or call an ambulance. Waiting for a better outcome will put you, and whoever you’re with, in harm’s way and lessen your chances of full recovery.

3. You May Swallow Your Money

In the event that your extermination attempt goes wrong, you’ll need to call a professional for help. The cost for both your pest control equipment and the professional you hired to fix your error, will double the bill you wanted to avoid. This is one of the largest disadvantages of DIY extermination.

Why put so much money on the line for an uncertain outcome?

4. Your Solution May Not Last

Every infestation has a source, and you may not reach it alone. Spraying the bugs you see or setting traps in one room of your home will take care of the pest problem superficially, but that is not the source. Maybe you don’t know about the source, where to find it, or how to use your tools to reach it.

Either way, leaving the source of the problem unbothered will only allow the problem to come back, costing you more time and money.

To find the source of the infestation and end it, call pest control. The professionals will have the equipment and resources to eliminate the pests.

5. Pests Can Resist Some At Home Solutions

As time goes on, newer generations of pests are developing immunity to certain pesticides. If you don’t know which pesticides will not help your fight, all you’re doing is nothing. You could ask the cashier where you purchase your pesticides for advice, but they may be as uncertain as you.

Cashiers might also tell you what you want to hear to make a quick buck and sell an item. In other words, over-the-counter pesticides may be doing you more harm than good by allowing your pest problem to grow while you use unhelpful chemicals on it. The only way for you to know for sure is by spraying and waiting or asking for professional help.

How To Reach Out For Help

If you’re considering professional help with your pest problem but don’t know how to reach out, relax. The process is simple and usually stress-free. To begin, find a pest control specialist in your area.

You can do this by asking a friend, doing some online research, or cracking open a phone book. Once you find a specialist in your area, check their hours and reach out. The company will either give you an online quote or send an exterminator to your home to access the pest problem.

Once you and your exterminator have decided on the best treatment method, you will schedule an extermination date and begin the removal process.

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