What to Expect From a Termite Inspection in Columbia, SC

termite inspection in columbia

termite inspection in columbia

Dealing with termites can be extremely frustrating, and at the beginning of an infestation, you may not even realize they are in your home. Termites cause damage worth billions of dollars in repairs.

You have noticed possible signs of termites and reached out to a pest control company to confirm your suspicions. Now that a termite inspection in Columbia, SC is scheduled, you are wondering what to expect.

Read on to learn what you should expect to happen during an inspection.

Preparing Your Home for an Inspection

Depending on the pest control company you hired, they may ask you to prepare your home for when they arrive. The inspection requires the technician to enter certain locations in your home, so making this easy for them is important.

The key places the technician will inspect are under your sink, any crawl spaces, attic, garage, and the outside of your home. These are all places where they will most likely find signs of termites or the pests themselves.

Cleaning out underneath your sink as well as any crawl spaces will make it easier for them to look around. Making sure they can access entry to your attic is important as well. Clear space for them to enter.

If you have any bushes or debris blocking the exterior of your home, remove it so they can see everything. In general, making sure your home is ready for the technician to come in is important.

Preparing your home not only makes it easier for the technician to do their job, but it gives termites fewer places to hide away from sight.

Inspection Process

Since these technicians have years of experience dealing with termites and other pest infestations, they will know exactly where to look and what to look for. Once the technician arrives, they will begin looking in all of the hot spots and other areas of your home for termites and any signs of them.

They will thoroughly check all the rooms in your home just to make sure they do not miss any potential signs of these pests. The technician will check as much of the area as possible, including any door frames, baseboards, inside cabinets, and so on. Any area of your home that is wooden, the technician will inspect for any signs of damage.

Once they are done checking inside your home, they will move on to inspecting outside. They will look for any signs as well on the exterior of your home.

When they are done with their inspection, they will let you know what they found and if treatment is necessary to get rid of termites.

Signs of Termites

There are multiple signs of termites that you and the technician should look for.  These signs can be found either outside your home or inside.


Once the weather begins to warm up, termites tend to form new colonies. When they do this, they leave behind old wings.

Termites should be outside, and while seeing them outside is not a direct sign of an infestation, this is a possible sign. If you see a large amount of these leftover wings close to the exterior of your home, it is best to contact a pest control company to come to do an inspection.

Mud tubes

These mud tubes are a key sign of subterranean termites. These tubes can be found on the exterior of your home.

The purposes of these tubes are so the termites can travel to get food, protect themselves from predators, and prevent dehydration.

You may not find these tubes if you are dealing with dry wood termites, as they are only created by subterranean termites.

Damage to Wood

Wood is a termite’s main food source and is what they are always on the prowl for.

Because of how much they go after wood, this can cause serious damage. Look for any signs of tunnels or damage to the wood.

If you are not sure that what you are looking at is damage caused by termites, a technician from a pest control company can confirm your suspicions. These technicians have seen damage from termites in all kinds of ways, so they will easily be able to identify any termite damage.

Termite Protection

Dealing with a termite infestation can be frustrating, but there are ways you can prevent future infestations.

One thing you can do is have any gaps or damage repaired. Termites can find ways into your home through these gaps, so having them repaired will limit the number of entry points for them.

Moisture can attract termites, so making sure to control the amount of moisture in your home is a way to prevent an infestation. If you have any moisture issues, having a professional help you limit moisture is a good idea.

Termites’ main food source is wood. Keeping firewood and such away from the outside of your home will avoid attracting them. Keeping cardboard in your attic or basement can attract them as well, so getting rid of it can help.

Of course, keeping an eye out for any signs of termites regularly is key. This will help identify issues early on, making it easier to get rid of them if you end up finding any signs of them.

You can also invest in termite protection. This will help monitor and control any termites that possibly begin to infest your home.

Termite Inspection in Columbia, SC

Termites are a pest you should not attempt to eliminate on your own, especially if the infestation is large. You may be wondering whom you can hire to conduct a termite inspection in Columbia, SC.

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