How to Get rid of Mosquitos

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How to Get rid of Mosquitos

mosquito pest control near meWelcome, summer! We love you! But, we hate the bugs that roll in with your sunny days and cricket-filled nights. If you’ve endured a scorching summer day, what’s one of the best ways to enjoy the night?

You can sit out on the back patio, turn on the ceiling fans, and sip a cold glass of lemonade. Play some music; strum a guitar. Yet, as the people move out to enjoy some fresh air, the pests move in to feast for the night.

If you’re wondering how to get rid of mosquitos so you can enjoy summer nights under the stars, then we have several tried and tested methods for you. Some are simple; some will take some time. But, in the mix below, something’s bound to improve your current situation.


Remove Standing Water

This is the number one answer to how to get rid of mosquitos in the yard; it may also ruin your next gulp of water. Mosquitos lay their eggs in water. But, they don’t need a backyard pond to do it. They can lay their eggs in something as tiny as a water bottle cap.

So, we’re about to tell you to remove all standing water from around your home. But, truth be told, this is a difficult feat because any little piddle of water is enough for them to breed.

Still, it doesn’t hurt to make sure that, if you have a rain catch, it’s well-sealed. If you have watering cans lying around, make sure you use up the last drop every time you water your plants.

Be on water patrol, especially through the hottest months of the year and keep it all away from the house.

Turn on the Fans

Did you know mosquitos are weak fliers? As such, they have a hard time pushing back against the whoosh of a fan. (We’re having visions of the Walmart fan aisle being flocked.)

If you turn a fan on in your outdoor patio spaces, it will do a lot to push them away. If you still feel as though they’re making their way to your ankles and feet, don’t hesitate to place a low-level fan on the floor, either.

Rake and Sweep

Since mosquitos can’t withstand the wind, they need to find places to hide. Given their size, things as simple as a stack of sticks or a heap of Spanish moss are a great refuge for these pests.

(Actually, Spanish moss is a breeding ground for all manner of pests. Never leave that lying around on the ground.)

If you have a compost pile, make sure it’s well-sealed. If you have raked leaves or gather grass clippings, be sure to scoop it all up and send it off with the garbage collectors. Indeed, this is how to get rid of mosquitos in the backyard.

Clean Your Gutters

No, we’re not your neighborhood-friendly plumbers. But, still, we’re going to ask you to clean out your gutters. If mosquitos hate the fan and need a place to hide, why let them hide right over your head in your gutters?

More to the point, if you’re wondering how to get rid of mosquitos in the house, start by removing a popular entrypoint.

In truth, the gutters are a favored hangout for mosquitos because it’s the perfect combination: standing water and tiny, little refuges. Go out in the heat of the day (because mosquitos and other pests are most active at night), put on your gloves, and start scooping out your gutters.

Plant Some Flowers

Just like there are plants that attract butterflies, there are plants that repel mosquitos. The thought of window boxes never sounded so delightful, right?

Whether they’re in window boxes around your kitchen window or planted in a patch outside your patio, there are a few plants and flowers that will deter these nasty little pests from getting too close. They are:

  • Marigolds
  • Lemongrass
  • Mint
  • Sage
  • Citronella (yes, that’s a plant!)

Try Some Natural Remedies

If you grow citronella, over time, you can make your own bug spray! That’s how to get rid of mosquito bites. Until then, there are a few other natural remedies that might do the trick around the house and in your open patio spaces.

First, you can try some lemon halves and cloves. The scent might remind you of Christmas – even though we’re in the heat of summer – but it may work.

Simply slice open two or three lemons and place three or four cloves in each half. Then, you can disperse them throughout your mosquito-prone spaces and see if they help.

Another option actually has to do with standing water. We just told you to get rid of it; we know. But, if you’re having a real mosquito problem, it can act as a trap. If you use a scent-free soap and create a sudsy mixture, the water will attract the mosquitos. But, the moment they touch that soap, they’ll be done for.

How to Get Rid of Mosquitos: Call In the Experts

In the end, you can follow all these steps, but those pesky little pests may still make their way to you. In that case, call in some local experts to spray your house. They’ll also help you keep a host of other pests and critters away.

If your favorite bug is a dead bug, then we invite you to request a quote from us today.

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