Itchy, No-Good Critters: What to Do When You Notice Signs of Bed Bugs

signs of bed bugs

signs of bed bugs

Are you looking for signs of bed bugs? Since bed bugs are hard to see, infestations can go unnoticed.

The signs of bed bugs include blood spots on your furniture and red bumps on your skin. Additionally, you can find them if you look closely, as they’re about the size of an apple seed. If you see them, clean your entire household immediately.

After, call an exterminator to kill the pests permanently. Bed bugs can be harder to kill than you think.

This article will explore bed bug warning signs in greater detail. Let’s explore.

Blood Spots

In particular, bed bugs will leave their mark via blood stains or small, black dots. You’ll find these spots on your pillowcases and mattress. The spots are usually feces. Bed bugs usually dwell near the bed or on your mattress to lay eggs.

The marks may also take the form of small smears, and the smears may resemble pencil marks. The spots can be hard to spot at first, but you can see them upon closer inspection. If you look closer, you even be able to see the bugs.

You’ll also find the smears on your sheets. That said, these pests rarely nest on the top of your sheets since people remove their sheets regularly. Nevertheless, you should still have a look at your mattress.

In most cases, they love to dwell in places where they cannot be disturbed. They love mattress the most since mattresses contain nooks and crest they can nest into without disturbance.

When inspecting the mattress, check the bottom corners and seams. You can also use a flashlight to see clearly. Further, check your bed frame and box spring. Additionally, look for the spots on your clothing.

The Solution

First, wash all clothing, pillowcases, and sheets immediately. Washing your linens and clothes will get rid of them directly, but it’s a temporary solution.

When washing, use warm water, and dry everything on the highest possible setting. Follow the same procedure for stuffed animals that are washable.

For non-washable items (i.e. shoes), throw them in the dryer for 30 minutes. You can also cover the box springs and mattress in a zippable cover to prevent the parasites from escaping or entering.

When it comes to your beds, use a stiff brush to clean all nooks and crevices.

  • Note: Since bed bugs love to hide in crevices, seal cracks in the walls or plaster.

Then, vacuum all parts of the mattress. After, remove any clutter in the vicinity, and vacuum the surrounding areas.

Follow the same procedure in living rooms, especially areas containing furniture. You should also clean all areas of your home, as bed bugs can travel with ease.

Skin Marks

Bed bugs are most active at night and will feed on your blood as you sleep. Bed bug rashes are usually painless, but you may have some itchiness or burning in some cases. You may find these marks on any area of your skin.

Bed bugs will feed on any part of your body that’s exposed during sleep. Overall, the bites may take on the following patterns:

  • Small, red bumps with a darker center
  • Hives or blisters around the bumps
  • Red bumps that are raised and have a clearer center
  • Welts or bumps with zig-zag patterns
  • Inflammed patches

In most cases, none of these marks are painful.

The Solution

If you have bed bug bites, you can start by using calamine lotion to soothe the skin. You can also use anti-itch cream or essential oils.

Also, you can apply a cold towel or ice pack to the bite marks. If you’re contending with pain, you can use a pain reliever that’s available over the counter.

Health Complications

In more dire cases, these bites can cause allergic reactions in some people. Further, the reactions can be severe. Reactions may come in the form of:

  • Breathing difficulties
  • Flu-like symptoms
  • Irregular heart rate
  • Tongue swelling

Plus, living with bed bugs can lead to poor health outcomes. For instance, you could get a skin infection of the blisters and sores. Also, many people may sleep less at night because the thought of bed bugs feeding on the skin can weigh on the psyche.

A lack of sleep can lead to poor mental health in the form of anxiety and depression. You’ll also experience fatigue throughout the day. Moreover, an insufficient sleep pattern can lead to immune system problems.

The Importance of a Bed Bug Exterminator

Hiring an exterminator is the best way to get rid of bed bugs. These parasites can live as long as  one year without feeding, and they can return. They can also hide in small crevices as you clean your home.

Exterminators have supplies and equipment that most people don’t have. They can do a more thorough job than the average person, and they can treat your home regularly to keep the infestation at bay. They’ll also give you prevention tips that can ward off future infestations.

The Signs of Bed Bugs and What You Should Do

If you see signs of bed bugs, clean the area immediately. Comb out any nooks and crevices, and vacuum all of the infested areas. Wash your clothes and linens in hot water, and use high heat when drying them.

For bed bug rashes or marks, use lotions or creams to soothe irritations. Above all, call an exterminator immediately to ensure bed bugs are gone for good.

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