The stinkbug population has been increasing over the past decade, and home infestation in the fall has especially become a big problem. Not only are bugs in your home annoying, but these literally stink up your house.

Are you experiencing a problem with stinkbugs? Learn how you can get rid of your stinkbug problem once and for all this fall.

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Worst Time of Year for Stinkbugs

Though the stinkbugs are known for killing and eating pests that ruin our crops, such as beetles, they are a nuisance when they get inside of your home. They look like prehistoric creatures, but smell terrible, and they can come in droves.

When the temperatures start to drop, that is when the stinkbugs will start to appear. Stinkbugs will crawl (or fly) inside looking to stay warm.

What are Stinkbugs Attracted To?

Sometimes it seems as if they just want to come inside of your home to irritate you. You may have done nothing to attract stinkbugs, but there they are flying around your home.

Most people will notice stinkbugs around their windows, and there is usually more than one at a time. This is because they love light and are attracted to the scent of other stinkbugs.

They also eat other bugs, which is good in a way. But, just make sure that you are addressing all pest control issues when you are tackling the stinkbug problem.

The Darker the Better

Since stinkbugs are attracted to light, it is best to avoid using exterior lights, such as porch lights and lights in your yard. Keep lamps away from the windows, or keep the curtains drawn.

You can also use the light that they are attracted to, and use it to trap them. Use a lamp next to the stinkbug trap in your home, as it will help draw them into the trap!

Resist the Squish

Stinkbugs get their name because of glands that are located in their thorax that release a stench to scare off predators from eating them. They will release their stench if they feel threatened, or if they die.

Since stinkbugs are attracted to the smell of other stinkbugs, squishing them to kill them will release their smell and attract others. Plus, nobody wants to have that awful smell in their house.

Experts say that instead of squishing them, you should vacuum them up. But then you have live stinkbugs in your vacuum canister or vacuum bag, which is also gross.

We have found that the best suggestion is to use traps or capture them and let them go outside.

Securing the Premises

If you really want to address your current stinkbug infestation and future bug problems, you should take a walk around your home and address the small cracks and spaces where they could be coming in. Basements are notorious for being entryways for pests to enter the home, so make sure that you seal them well.

Malfunctioning window screens also leave room for critters to get in, so check those. If your windows do not have screens, it is highly suggested that you do not leave them open during stinkbug season.

Your Yard

Living near a heavily wooded area makes it harder to control the bug population in and around your home. However, there are a few things that you can do on your own to combat them.

Give bugs fewer places to hide and breed by keeping the perimeter of your home free of debris like leaves, overgrown plants, and piles of wood. If you do have a woodpile, try to keep it away from the house and keep it covered so it doesn’t get wet.

Do your research when choosing your landscaping plants, as some are natural bug repellents, and others will attract them. Use plants like citronella and lavender to keep away the “bad” bugs.

Stinkbug Spray

Spraying stinkbugs to kill them can be messy, but it will get rid of a lot at once. Then you have to clean up the spray and the pile of dead bugs.

Go to your local hardware or department store and look for an aerosol or spray bottle of bug spray meant for stinkbugs, and grab it. Be sure that there are no children or pets around when using a store-bought chemical bug spray, as it can be harmful if inhaled or ingested.

Making your own stinkbug spray is also effective. Dish soap is something we all have on hand and works wonders at killing stinkbugs.

Take an empty spray bottle and a mixture of warm water, white vinegar, and a few drops of dish soap. Don’t use too much soap, or you will have soap all over your walls and the surfaces of your home where you are spraying.

Trap Them

When it comes to stinkbug traps, manufacturers have gotten more and more creative, as they have become a growing problem for many people. Stinkbug traps are some of the most unique-looking bug traps on the market because stinkbugs are resilient and have a very hard exoskeleton.

The stinkbug traps that you find in the stores are often oddly shaped and work through luring them in with scent. You can also use sticky traps and place them around your windows, along the walls, or wherever the stinkbugs are hanging out in your home.

Call in the Professionals

Getting rid of stinkbugs on your own can be extremely challenging and feel like a losing battle, as it often seems like they never stop coming in. Pest extermination takes a lot of determination, hard work, and time which most people do not have.

Calling a professional exterminator is quick, easy, and effective. Make the call before your problem gets worse.

Bye Bye Bugs

A stinkbug will leave their droppings, destroy your plants, invite their friends, and give you a major headache by invading your home. Don’t let these pests ruin your day. Give us a call and we will come to handle them for you.

At Cayce Exterminating, your pest is our problem, and we would be happy to get rid of your stinkbugs. Give us a call today!

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