The How To’s of Rodent Removal and Prevention

There’s a reason why elephants are afraid of mice. The Centers for Disease Control has identified over 35 diseases spread by rodents, including some of the most deadly forms of Hepatitis, Salmonella poisoning, Meningitis, and multiple viruses. It’s clear that the only way to stop these illnesses from spreading is by eliminating the pests that transmit them.

In addition to illnesses, rodents are also responsible for damage to property. Rats and mice can easily damage a home, starting in walls and wiring, which can oftentimes cause fires and structural damage. For as long as there are humans, there have always been the presence of rodents. Consider that rodents are most often found in homes, schools, businesses, and in food processing plants, and the “yuck” factor goes way up.

How to prevent and eliminate rodents

There are only three ways to truly eliminate rats and mice from taking up residence in human territory. Call Cayce Exterminating today for a FREE Inspection and consultation to “Rodent Proof” your home. For the purpose of this article, we’ll call this the SCT method of rodent elimination.

Sealing – If you want to get rid of rodents, the first thing to do is find out where they are entering and exiting a structure, then seal them out. But not any door will do. You need to block rodents using a tried and true method of stuffing the hole with something that rodents hate to chew on – steel wool kept in place with caulk. This works well for small holes, but if you encounter a larger hole, use lath screening, metal sheeting and cement to seal it up for good.
Cleaning – Rodents generally only hang around if there is a steady source of food. This is something you can control, by removing the source of food as soon as you discover there is a rodent presence. Start by taking out the trash every day, cleaning up floors, counters, and cupboard and behind cabinets for any crumbs or food particles. Avoid eating in bedrooms or areas where food can drop between furniture and walls. Store pet food and bird seed in plastic containers. Then replace the food with a nice diet of approved bait for rodents.
Trapping – Now that you have eliminated two of the factors that make rodents come around, it’s time to trap any that either remain in the building breeding or those that try to make it past your barriers. Get glue traps and place them around any places where you’ve noticed mice droppings. Use snap traps to catch larger rodents and rats. If you have spotted possum or other large rodents, get the professionals to bring in the right kind of traps.

Eliminating rodents can be a long process, and it’s not easy getting into crawl spaces and attics of buildings. New EPA regulations have removed effective baits from stores shelves to prevent accidental poisonings of pets and children. It’s recommended that you contact a qualified pest control company like Cayce Exterminating anytime you suspect a rodent problem. We will perform an inspection and customize a plan to eliminate your rodent infestation, safely and effectively.

Do you have a pest problem?

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